Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Trip Complete!!!

We finally made it!  We arrived to Lubec at about 7 PM last night and crossed into Canada.  I can't believe he rode that many miles in 6 days!!  Pretty impressive stuff.  I also couldn't believe how big of a state Maine is.  It took us the entire day to get across it, unlike other days where we crossed through numerous states.  Dr. Ross put in just about 200 miles again to make the final push to our destination.   When we got to Lubec it was really foggy, and when we went to cross the bridge into Canada you could only see maybe 10 feet or so ahead of you.  It was pretty crazy.  It was also about a 15 degree difference in temperature compared to the day before in massachusetts and new hampshire.  The fog was actually kind of a mist in the air and you could feel your body getting damp from it, kinda weird.  Anyways, it was pretty crazy at the border.  For those of you who have crossed into Canada or another country know how serious it is.  They asked us a bunch of questions.  I had a bottle of root beer in the front seat and he questioned me about that.  I told him it was Maines finest.  haha.   They made us roll our windows down and asked us if there was anyone else in the car about 3 different times.  And once again, last night we drove into a smaller city in maine, and of course...No Vacancy! ugh!! So we just drove the extra 30 miles or so on our way back through Maine into Bangor to stay for the night.  We arrived to our hotel at about 10 PM and went and ate dinner, because neither of us had eaten.  Basically, we got to our hotel rooms at about 11:30, which is why there was no blog last night.  So today we are going to Portland, ME to talk to the Boys and Girls Club there.  Should be fun.  I am excited to see the kids and talk with them.  This has been such a great journey.  I will probably do another blog tonight and add some pictures of the rest of the trip, so keep checking in, because we got some pretty cool pictures that are worth viewing.  Well, off to Portland.

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  1. Dennis, congratulations on finishing the trip! Can't believe that you rode that far, that fast! The Boys and Girls Club will benefit greatly from your extraordinary generosity of time and effort! See you when get back!
    Bill and Sharon Lee